arrow-fx-rx2 / arrow.fx.rx2.extensions.singlek.functor / arrow.Kind

Extensions for arrow.Kind

as fun <A, B> Kind<ForSingleK, A>.as(arg1: B): SingleK<B>
Replaces A inside F with B resulting in a Kind<F, B>
fproduct fun <A, B> Kind<ForSingleK, A>.fproduct(arg1: (A) -> B): SingleK<Tuple2<A, B>>
Applies f to an A inside F and returns the F structure with a tuple of the A value and the computed B value as result of applying f
imap fun <A, B> Kind<ForSingleK, A>.imap(arg1: (A) -> B, arg2: (B) -> A): SingleK<B>
map fun <A, B> Kind<ForSingleK, A>.map(arg1: (A) -> B): SingleK<B>
Transform the F wrapped value A into B preserving the F structure Kind<F, A> -> Kind<F, B>
tupleLeft fun <A, B> Kind<ForSingleK, A>.tupleLeft(arg1: B): SingleK<Tuple2<B, A>>
Pairs B with A returning a Kind<F, Tuple2<B, A>>
tupleRight fun <A, B> Kind<ForSingleK, A>.tupleRight(arg1: B): SingleK<Tuple2<A, B>>
Pairs A with B returning a Kind<F, Tuple2<A, B>>
unit fun <A> Kind<ForSingleK, A>.unit(): SingleK<Unit>
Discards the A value inside F signaling this container may be pointing to a noop or an effect whose return value is deliberately ignored. The singleton value Unit serves as signal.
widen fun <B, A : B> Kind<ForSingleK, A>.widen(): SingleK<B>
Given A is a sub type of B, re-type this value from Kind<F, A> to Kind<F, B>